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enunciation n : the articulation of speech regarded from the point of view of its intelligibility to the audience [syn: diction]

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  1. The act of enunciating, announcing, proclaiming, or making known; open attestation; declaration; as, the enunciation of an important truth.
  2. Mode of utterance or pronunciation, especially as regards fullness and distinctness or articulation; as, to speak with a clear or impressive enunciation.
  3. That which is enunciated or announced; words in which a proposition is expressed; an announcement; a formal declaration; a statement.

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In phonetics, enunciation is the act of speaking. Good enunciation is the act of speaking clearly and concisely. The opposite of good enunciation is mumbling, slurring, or bad enunciation.
Annunciate is to specifically communicate. An annunciator panel on a piece of equipment or aircraft console communicates to the pilot or operator the status of the equipment. There are visual annunciators and auditory annunciators such as fire alarm enunciators that flash lights and light bells

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